Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017

Sack Heads Radio Show - 1.25.2019

Welcome to the Sack Heads Radio Show for 1.25.2017, live from Studio 1! This week, the Sack Heads took to the airwaves to discuss all of the goings on politically in the world. With their usual opening in "General Jackassery" the Sack heads loosen up and being their attack on the other topics of the week. What topics are they? Here is the list, Enjoy!

1. Inaugural Broads of America.
2. U.S. No Longer a Democracy?
3. Trumped up Presidency - From Inauguration to the Supreme Courts.

But, but that is only 3 topics? Yes, that is correct. Number 3 may have taken SLIGHTLY longer than expected, as is the routine for the Sack Heads!

Join us Next Wednesday, 2.1.17 on the SHR Media Network at 11 PM EST, listen live at and join the live chat!

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