Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017

Sack Heads Radio Show, Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Alas, instead of the Mighty Sack Heads Triumvirate (or MSHT) consisting of Shaun, Clint and BZ, one vital component was missing this night -- that of Sack Heads Shaun. You will have to listen to the show in order to determine just where he may have been and what accounted for his absence.

Determined to soldier on in Standard Stoic Style (or SCubed) despite the clear handicap, Clint and BZ reached deep into their Professional Radio Bag (or PRB) in order to provide a semblance of the normal high quality customarily dictated by SHR's demanding audience.

In this episode, Clint and BZ addressed the issues of:
  • Donde esta Shaun, redux;
  • Baseball back again; who is BZ's favorite team? C'mon, the Milwaukee Brewers;
  • California wastes water and taxpayer dollars;
  • Chicago to require college acceptance to get a HS diploma;
  • How to get into Stanford? Write #blacklivesmatter 100 times;
  • What's up with the Trump team - Bannon & Kushner - inside the White House?
  • Demorats still haven't approved over 1,000+ positions in the Trump administration;
  • Susan Rice: is anyone surprised?
  • Why Ken McClenton has great show video and drives a Rolls Royce Corniche;
  • Kim Jong Un vs China vs Russia vs the US;
  • We talk MAD, or Mutually Assured Destruction; "heeeeeere's MIRV!"
  • Clint and BZ talk global strategy;
  • The coronation of the Official SHR Lava Lamp;

Listen to "Sack Heads Radio Show, April 5th, 2017" on Spreaker.

Finally, want to hear more of the Sack Heads? Click here for a massive compendium of over two-hundred fabulous shows available on Spreaker in podcast format, accessible at the simple click of a single mouse button.

It doesn't get any easier or more seductive than that, does it, my friends?

Tune in next Wednesday and every Wednesday for the Sack Heads Radio Show, 8 PM Pacific and 11 PM Eastern, on the wonderful and omnipresent SHR Media Network, where you will consistently find "Conservative Media Done Right."®

Want the best in late night conservative radio? The Sack Heads are for you.

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