Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017
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Did Comey plot to avoid charges against Hillary before FBI interviewed her?

Barack Obama severely politicized the Justice Department and the FBI. They became as subject to the invented narratives of the left as the rest of Washington and the legacy media. James Comey succumbed to the environmental pressure, and became a creature of those narratives, too.

Firing Comey won't fix the problem, though. Several layers of Washington must be stripped away and replaced by objective, non-partisan personnel--if they are replaced at all.

An unspoken, but fascinating aspect of the  Comey firing was how surprised the press corps was. There were no leaks. Could it be that Trump has either plugged the leaks, or succeeded in obfuscating his intentions behind a series of false trails? It would appear so.

Firing Comey was a good first step. Next should be a serious investigation into the unmasking of private citizens by government officials, an investigation of the corrupt Clinton Foundation, and a true, public accounting of the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.

This is a very interesting development.

From the Daily Wire:

Amidst the fallout from the firing of FBI director James Comey, a new report reveals that Comey actually planned not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton over the use of her private email server well before she was interviewed by the FBI.

The lengthy report featured in The New Yorker portrays Comey as an individual who had a tragic fall from grace in his futile attempt to be the independent man in Washington, D.C. Buried in the piece is this explosive nugget (emphasis added):

As the inquiry neared its end, Comey, who had closely monitored it from the start, requested summaries of more than thirty government prosecutions involving mishandling of classified information. He waded through the records, seeking to understand the cases’ rationale and how they had been resolved. In the end, he agreed with the investigators’ unanimous conclusion: Clinton should not face criminal charges…

Comey had his own ideas. Unbeknownst to his Justice Department colleagues, Comey had resolved to proceed alone with the announcement. Since May, he had been holding a parallel series of meetings with top F.B.I. confidants to thrash through his plan. He would publicly announce—and explain—the Clinton decision without Lynch at his side. “We had discussions for months about what this looked like,” Michael Steinbach, who retired as the F.B.I.’s executive assistant director for national security in February, 2017, said. “This, for us, was the best course of action, given the political situation that we were in—for us to do it independently.”

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