Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017

Comey demolishes Loretta Lynch's credibility

By By Emily Jashinsky, The Washington Examiner

Hillary Clinton is spending her summer mulling the myriad reasons she lost the presidential election, writing a book on the subject set to hit shelves in the fall.

Based on her recent public appearances, Clinton has compiled a veritable laundry list of culprits, none of which appear to be herself or her campaign.

(At this point, it may be more efficient for Clinton to commission a reality show where the accused parties engage in a Hunger Games-style competition to determine who is truly responsible for handing the country a Trump presidency.)

The former secretary of state has repeatedly placed former FBI Director James Comey at the top of her list, citing his letter to Congress in late October notifying members that the investigation into Clinton's emails was reopened as the difference between a Clinton win and a Clinton loss. Clinton allies continue to ask why Comey publicly confirmed the FBI's investigation into their candidate but did not do the same regarding the investigation into Trump's campaign.

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