Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017

Dealing with crime, guns and mental illness

Liberal / progressive politicians are constantly trying to enact gun control legislation and some of them would love to confiscate people's guns. They have effectively limited the size of magazines in some states; they have made it exceedingly difficult to ship guns.  They are trying to make it difficult for individuals to sell guns to each other.  They are trying to limit access to ammunition.

Fortunately, apart from some liberal infestations such as Boston, Chicago, D.C., and NYC, the majority of Americans oppose these kinds of actions, and the Supreme Court has repeatedly shot them down when they have been challenged.

A few things come to mind as the liberals / progressives continue to push their gun confiscation agenda.

In 1994, the Assault Weapons ban passed under President Bill Clinton.  That piece of legislation, now sunsetted into the history books and having had no discernible effect on crime even when active, was one of the big reasons the Democrats got their derrieres handed to them in the 1994 mid-term elections.

Progressive lawmaker's past protestations about not wanting to take our guns is certainly accepted and excused by their liberal acolytes, apologists and worshipers.  They recognize that their pols need to tell lies in order to get past the unbelievers' obstructionism.

There are over 350 million guns in the country.  While every new firearm sale and every transfer through a licensed dealer requires record keeping, transfers between individuals do not.  So, apart from those jurisdictions that require registration, there's no way the government could effect an effective confiscation program without full compliance by the public.

Even if only one gun owner in 10 held back, there would still be millions upon millions of firearms in the hands of the public, and I'd feel safe in speculating that more than 1 owner in 10 might feel reluctant to hand 'em over.

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