Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017

Sack Heads Radio Show - 6.7.2017

Welcome to the Sack Heads Radio Show for 6.7.2017, live for the SHR Media Studios. This week, all three members of the Sack Heads were present and accounted for. That's right, ALL three. There was so much electricity in the room, the equipment actually worked!

The Sack Heads were in rare form and tackled the following subjects:

1. A Great American Week!
2. Reality Winner, an oxymoron in name
3. London Terror Attacks
4. Holy Cow, Little Kim is an A$%h@le
5. Comey Testimony

As always, topics are not always limited too the list, they are more of a guide than a definitive list, because you know, its the Sack Heads!

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