Freedom Fest 2017

Freedom Fest 2017
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Broadcast Schedule

SHR Media Broadcast Schedule: All times are EST.


7:00 am: The Wright Way with Shannon and Mike

11:00 am: Reaver of Common Sense

1:00 pm: The Unpleasant Blind Guy

4:00 pm: The Right Guys with Ralph Chittams Sr. and Lonnie Poindextor

6:00 pm: The Conservative Syndicate


9:00 pm: The Exceptional Conservative Show

Tuesday and Friday

2:00 pm: Southern Sense


2:00 pm: The Lid Radio Show

8:00 pm: South Side Mutt Show w/ Jersey Boys

11:00 pm: Sack Heads Radio Show


12:00 am: The Unpleasant Blind Guy


9:00 am: An American Conservatives Exploration of the Inspired Word of God

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